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You are a manager looking for professional advice and support in a new or difficult situation.

You would like to achieve greater room for manoeuvre and increased assertiveness.

You are looking for a solution to a current challenge in a short space of time.
You are on the verge of making a significant professional or personal decision.
You have set yourself a goal and would like to achieve it in a consistent and focussed manner.


As an executive coach with many years of management experience, as a consultant and HR specialist, I will support you in a consistent and solution-focussed manner.

My coaching and consulting services are aimed both at managers and at people on their career path or in professional decision-making situations. In my coaching for women and men in competitive and power situations, I specifically support them in preparing for tricky situations. In a leadership or career coaching combined with targeted training of upcoming challenges, this succeeds optimally.

I offer coaching and consultancy sessions in English, French and German.


I look forward to working with you.


Sibyl Schädeli


Key areas:

Training and individual coaching handling power games



– Creative networking

– Language rituals

– Monkey Business

– Let’s talk about soft skills

– Imposter syndrome

– The Queen – a powerful role model


English Trainings 2019:

University of Bern

University of Basel

ETH Zurich

EPFL Lausanne